What is Incord™?

Incord™ is an app designed to support well-being for people with diabetes. The app is designed to provide tools to build the right mindset and habits to live a full life.

The platform gives you weekly insights, daily super-small actions, and a journal to capture your reflections.

Insights, Daily Actions and Journaling all work together to create the underlying fabric of well-being for you to thrive.

This app has been created with love and care by Dr Char to support you on your journey of living a life of joy and peace.

Why Incord™?

We have almost 70,000 thoughts per day and our brains have many agendas. Sometimes, conflicting agendas. Ever want a cupcake and yet want to lose 2 pounds as well? Then, we convince ourselves that one cupcake will be okay. The clinical understanding is that competing thoughts don’t occur when it involves our beliefs and values. If we’re in a bakery and forget our wallet, most of us don’t consider stealing a cupcake. Why? We have a belief that stealing is wrong, so we don’t pay any attention to that thought process. The conflict is overcome by our beliefs and values.

What we believe about ourselves is important. If we believe we are weak when it comes to cupcakes, then there’s a part of ourselves that expects us to fail – regardless of our efforts. It’s most often our interpretation of what is happening that strengthens our belief system. Repetition of what we believe can build strong and impactful change.

Since research shows that we form opinions based upon our actions, so an angry person who watches a comedy may laugh instead of being mad. But then, he gets angry again when thoughts remind him of why he was mad in the first place.

Most of our emotions and behaviors take place outside of our awareness and/or control, since 85 to 90 percent of what takes place in our brain is actually taking place in our subconscious. And it is the subconscious that houses our beliefs. What we believe, we will ultimately act on whether it’s true or false, positive or negative.

Great news! We can choose our beliefs. 

How can you start a new belief? Learn a new skill by taking small tidbits of good information and do something creative with that knowledge and then write down how you feel or what you learned. As you gain understanding and keep repeating the practice, you are building I CAN beliefs. Thus, Incord™

I created this app to support the creation of new beliefs that help you take action on things that serve you and your well-being.

The app shares insights and great information first, then helps you do something creative with that knowledge and then you can journal how you feel about it. It is designed to help you change your underlying beliefs so you can live a life with more peace and joy.